Adam Biggs





In the entertainment industry, where success is usually altogether too fleeting, it’s easy to be a one trick pony. In fact, most directors and actors, even whole companies find themselves backed into a hole – that same hole which created the niche for their success. Hollywood is a town that rewards innovation and diversity while making sure that it’s increasingly difficult to pull off.


Fortunately, cinematographer Adam Biggs decided early on in his career to dispel with popular theory and forego developing a particular cinematic ‘cookie cutter’ style, preferring instead to inject his projects with a unique combination of visual elements that make up his signature while treating each project with the singular reverence it deserves.


This philosophy has allowed him to move beyond carving out one particular niche and move between projects as diverse as overseeing a 60 camera shoot for ABC’s “Crash Course,” to a single-camera scripted comedy series with Jamie Kennedy. His dedication to creating a custom look in line with the visual and budgetary needs for each client and job has formed the basis for over 15 years of steady work and trusted relationships with clients from networks and studios such as Disney, NBC/Universal, ABC, FOX, MTV. ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” returns to Mr. Biggs year after year, entrusting him to design visually dynamic and diverse promotional campaigns and opening sequences that continually raise the bar each season.


Adam uses his experience, love for lighting and the camera to form and develop Ignition Films, a full service production company based out of Los Angeles with an extensive roster of talented filmmakers.


And if nothing else, you can always trust Mr. Biggs to provide his honest opinion delivered in a strange British accent affected by a stint in Asia and Chicago before landing in Los Angeles.